In Mexico less than 1% of the population account with private insurance.

(on 120 million inhabitants). There are about 30 insurance companies and only 9 concentrate 90% of the market.

1/4 of the population is not insured ,

the remaining 75% rely on protection from

a social security institution (IMSS *, 31%, Seguro Popular 37% .. others ..)


Of 10 insurance-related disputes in Mexico, 7 claims are rejected and go against the insured.
It is therefore essential for expatriates of all nationalities to choose their insurance.

Our job as a broker is to look for the health cover that suits you best at the best price.
Our expertise is unique and sustainable, fruit of years of market knowledge around the world.


Source : el Financiero /2017, Mex - * IMSS:  Mexican Institute of Social Security)

How to make significant savings

on your current contract

We work in partnership with the CFE (Caisse des Francais de l'Etranger),

All our contracts are combinable with this organization. Being a member of CFE you know that this fund does not reimburse not all your expenses, and that a complementary Mutual is necessary.


We suggest you search with you the complementary which will be best adapted to your personal situation and your needs in terms of guarantees and tariffs.


The insurance benefits of your policy have been designed to support you during events that can mark your life: work stoppage, loss of independence, death ... These guarantees allow you to maintain your standard of living and thus prevent your loved ones from finding themselves financially deprived.

  • Basic Guarantee : Death / Definitive Absolute Disability Capital
  • Optional: All-cause disability
  • Optional: Work stop guarantee

We offer solutions tailored to your profile, Live, with the main actors in International Medical Insurance.

Our partners have given us complete satisfaction with Our customers around the world, for more than 15 years.  

It is a guarantee of durability to ensure you in the best conditions.

Our offers are addressed, in the host country, to all personal situations, Whatever your nationality of origin : Assets, students, retirees, collective agreements . with or without deductibles, in euros or dollars.


- Hospitalization alone

- Hospitalization plus current medical expenses.


Options :
- Optical and dental.
- Maternity
. Medical assistance / repatriation.





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